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November 15, 2020


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Check out Howie Carr’s interview with atty Lin Wood regarding his vow that the the people behind the voter fraud are about the be exposed, charged and jailed. People like Soros, the Clinton Crime Family and Big Tech.


L. Linwood is the atty who defended Richard Jewell, Sandman and the StL homeowners who defended their property.


Why should we expect the dems to respect the laws they so readily break? They will ignore the Constitution, as they usually do, and demand that Biden be installed in the White House. The AntiFa and BLM slime will take to the streets and foment a civil war of sorts. That's why conservative families have been buying up all the guns and ammo they can find. We are prepared to defend ourselves and our country if required by circumstances. This Marxist attack on our democracy shall not succeed.


The author may be correct, but the right things won't happen if the democrats continue to hide and destroy evidence, violate laws at will and laugh up their sleeve while the media cooperates with them. They flout the law every day, right in front of reporters and on film. It's ignored in broadcast or print. In the history of the United States there has never been such an evil conspiracy between a corrupt political party and the media. In comparison, Teapot Dome looks like the shoplifting of a candy bar. I'm skeptical that such vast and deep corruption can be overcome without going back to our roots by viewing the democrats as the agents of King George III. Maybe that's why all the guns and ammunition are being bought up.


A key piece not mentioned is the judge each case lands before. All it takes is one judge to deny a win and the whole house of cards could collapse because of timing. Trump may not win the election, but he will win the war. He will continue to rally the people and be the dems' worst nightmare. The democrats will be bombarded with criticism at every turn for the next four years, while the economy chokes on new regulations and higher taxes. By 2024 the Republican nominee will be a shoe-in.


Michigan certified their election today. I don't think Trump is going anywhere with these lawsuits. If he has anything big it's time to show and tell.


I’ve read so many different articles on voter fraud and what’s being done to expose the guilty that I’ve lost track. And sadly, interest. Bottom line is; nobody gets punished. Nobody gets exposed. Kinda like the end of a Durham investigation. If all the investigations don’t result in Trump getting the most votes, nothing’s going to change. Jo-Ho wins.

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