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December 08, 2020


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In the military pointing out a problem without also offering a solution to the problem is verboten. What's your solution Manx?


Manx, this is Legion. I didn’t say anything! Or are you addressing my article “ looking for honesty? Anyway, love your contribution to the website. 🙏


My bad Legion. Thought of you when I was intending to address Gunny. Old age is a bitch. Deleted that response so here goes with my revision:

Gunny - So let’s see if I get the big picture here. Making an observation of what’s going on in the public eye and making a comment about those goings on now requires the commenter to provide a solution. Makes about as much sense as a baseball umpire being told to provide batting coaching when calling a strike. And if the military requires a solution for every proposal then all battles – past present and future will always be victorious as long as there’s an appropriate proposal/solution offered.

Kind of hard for laymen to come up with solutions to this health crisis when powers to be don’t seem to be able to. Masks/no masks. Vaccine efficacy projected at ninety days. Varying vaccine efficacy rates that swing back and forth. Vaccinated persons will still need to wear masks and bath in public.

Corporate and government nabobs coming up with some interesting to say the least proposals and plans. “Vaccination passports” i.e. want to travel in a community or go to a movie then show your papers. Getting on a plane, train or bus can only be done with medical records. Riots O.K. - rallies not O.K. Watch politicians and Hollywood types dine in defiance of rules and regulations but don't expect to take your grandkids to the Golden Arches.

But one should not question and voice those questions unless one has a solution. If that's the case then the majority of observations and comments in the history of this blog need to be stricken.


The whole world is corrupt. America used to be a “safe place” to get away from it but alas, our leaders, corporations, newscasters (print & TV), teachers/professors, demoraps and RINOS, are in lockstep with all the s**t-hole, crooked, backstabbers who’ll say anything for power and money. Disgusting! Sad!


I'm betting the upcoming generations will slowly trader freedom for "safety." Orwell was a great visionary.


Have you all heard of Ivermectin? Its being used in Europe and Asia to both treat and PREVENT Covid19.


Outstanding conversation and interaction without dogmatic Jarhead NCO dogmatic don’t speak unless spoken to rhetoric Leo and Legion. That's what adult conversation is all about.

This is not about shouting and spitting in a recruit’s face spewing “What would you do, Asshole?. It’s about adult conversation.

This is a mess and will only get worse. We can’t change it from our level. Voting has proven that.


Excuse my redundancy in my prior post. I just got carried away a bit with a professed NCO putting me on the spot as to what I would do. Maybe professed NCO's need to play Geneva card poker before they call others on having to have an answer before speaking. Capiche "Gunny"?


Hit a nerve, did I?


KMA Gunny


it appears to most reasonable people that Trump has lost (been robbed) so I’m trying to overcome the urge to spit in a Democrat’s face and figure out how I’m going to survive the pro-communist onslaught that’s coming. I know I’ll never be able to say madam president, so I won’t even try. I just pray the younger Americans will stand up and get our Republic back. For the sake of my kids and grandkids.

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