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December 01, 2020


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L Murdock

FoxNews is your friend, Ernie. Tucker, Sean, Bret, Brit...They're all still there and will stay as long as they wish. Don't give up, Trump will come back with a roar!


We may have to hire the Barr-Durham Investigative Services to get to the bottom of this.


Nothing is going to change until the the feds set some voting standards. Voter ID, traceable electronic ballots, and machines that have paper backups that can be traced. Not likely with the new administration.


If Kamalala and supporting socialists become the next admin, it could well be a giant move towards the end of federal elections. Voting for Presidents and congress will be the role of the leaders of the one-Party gov’t. The Republican Party will be barely a shadow of the GOP.


You guys are all forgetting the democrat's long and proud history of shooting themselves in the foot. Or, in Kamala's case, shooting themselves in the head.


Lachlan: hope you’re right.

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