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December 18, 2020


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FoxNews and other media awhile back reported on a CISA crackdown on the largest porn site in the world, pornhub.com. More recently, the Twitter world is speculating that the crackdown has failed to follow through because the folks at pornhob.com implied they would reveal publicly how many visits they get per day from .gov owned computers. Is pornhub.com secretly owned by Google?


Today’s iPad druggies cud get by without oxygen, food/water, intelligence human interaction; but please don’t ask them to live without their smartphones, just cause they’re at work and supposed to be working.
Good grief they can’t even drive their car in rush hour traffic without checking all their texts, emails, FB/twitter and their PornHub account.


How about the bureaucrats who run any/all govt agencies saying to their employees, “if I catch you using your personal phone inside these facilities; clean out your desk cause you’re outta here!” And furthermore, “if I catch you using your personal phone for agency business, you’ll not only be fired, you’ll be arrested!”
Any problem with that? Gee, even I’d understand that, and I was educated in Kansas.


CISA, NSA and Cyber Command all have a piece of the cybersecurity responsibility. They like the fragmented command because its convenient for pointing fingers in other directions should there be a serious hack, such as now. Trump caused a firestorm last year when he said he wanted to consolidate the agencies' responsibilities to create a greater level of accountability and solidify our systems security wall. Key players in Congress are still quarreling about it. Our national security is destined to go downhill starting next year. It will be preceded by cries of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA in the halls of Congress by the inmates who have taken over the asylum.


So let’s see if I get the ¡BIG PICTURE! On Nov. 17 Trump fired Christopher Krebs, no relation to Maynard G. Krebs of Dobie Gillis fame, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. The media stoked by America’s favorite lying Neanderthal cretin Muslim convert John Brenan joined in attacking Trump for firing Krebs due to Trump’s once again uncontrollable and insatiable anger and ignorance. Anger over the election.

Then later comes news of Russia reportedly committing one of the largest hacks in history. Hacking DOD, Treasury and more. Airwaves are now telling Mabel in Omaha to be careful, change her password and subscribe to LifeLock. That will take care of those pesky Bolsheviks – for sure.

Yet those same airwaves aren’t broadcasting, nor is print media asking ‘Where was Chris Krebs when this was going on?’

Looks like once gain Trump was early-on apprised of facts, responded accordingly and once again was gashed with his own Spear Of Destiny.


The media, the democrats and the half of our population that believes everything the media says are all convinced its the Russians because they're white. It can't be the Chinese because they're NOT white. We all know its always the white man's fault, just ask Kamala Harris or O'Crazyo Cortez or President-elect Biden. If it turns out to not be the Russians, we'll never hear a word about it.


Ever wonder how Dems & media are quick to blame Russia, but China a pass? Maybe Hunter and Joe can answer that.

John W.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the regulars. I have a feeling we will have lots to talk about next year.


China doesn't need to attack us through the Internet, they've got the Corona Virus in all it's forms to attack us.

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