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January 26, 2021


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Excellent analogy, Manx. Pope Pelosi fits the bill, identifying as a man among the genderless Democrats and perceiving herself as Pope.


The phrase "tone deaf" comes to mind. The Potomac democrats are so out of touch with the average American that their impeachment effort borders on lunacy. Biden doesn't have a clue. On one hand, he spouts unity and with the other he encourages the hardcore leftists to pursue this charade.


It would appear the dems won't have near the number of votes to carry this off.


Excellent Manx. I had forgotten about the Formosus story years ago. It does make a great analogy. I was just wondering what kinds of cash rewards the leftists are offering RINOs to vote for impeaching a president who’s no longer in office? Is this Nazi Pelosi’s sick revenge for Trump beating Hillary? Or is it just the insane rantings of a psychotic democrat?


I don’t trust McConnell to do anything that would help Trump.


Nobody ever accused McConnell of being stupid, Ernie. He's not going to go against 74 million Trump supporters just for the sake of bipartisanship. He will do what is necessary for the cohesiveness of the party and the good of the base. Romney, on the other hand, is a scurrilous traitor and back stabber who would've made a better senator in ancient Rome under Caesar.


McConnell negotiating with Pelosi: Nancy says I want a dog. McConnell says I want a cat. So they agree to get a dog.

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