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January 08, 2021


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Our illustrious President Elect is proving to be a dumb as a rock. He spouts all this crap about uniting the country then proceeds to do everything to throw gasoline on the fire. If he had any brains, he would tell the country he isn't going along with the impeachment, because it's moot anyway. Now, the House has their impeachment with the help of some rhinos. An empty victory that will only create more division.


All of Trump's banned tweets have been saved by Gab.
Go to https://gab.com/realdonaldtrump


I tried the gab.com site and got this message: “the Party you’re looking for is not here.” Imagine that.


I guess we are about to find out how peaceful the transition will be. By watching most of the news channel it looks like they are expecting another Pearl Harbor.

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