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January 06, 2021


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Regardless of a rigged election or vote fraud, Trump tragically committed political suicide yesterday.


“Boss” Tweed was a pantywaist compared to today’s political movers and shakers aka manipulators. Tweed’s Tammany Hall has franchised out expanding globally.


I think Trump was (a) trying to fire up the faint hearted Rep lawmakers (specially Pence). And (B) to encourage his base. People like Lindsey Graham and Pence showed the true face of today’s Rep Party: toothless do-nothings who don’t think integrity is worth fighting for. I no longer claim to belong to such a passive club of empty suits.


I'm wondering how many Antifa were in that mob, and if so will we ever know it.

Looking at the bright side, Trump did accomplish some positives. One, Trump made a lot of people realize there is election fraud. Two, Trump made a lot of people have a healthy skepticism of the press. Three, Trump alerted many to the dangers of the Deep State. Four, the crazy takeover of the Capitol should give the democrats a clue that there is another force out there to reckoned with. (This remains to be seen.)

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