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January 23, 2021


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Delay may be a blessing in disguise, Manx. These vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) are completely different from previous vaccines like flu or shingles. These are "mRNA" which means that they mutate your cells to mimic the covid virus, thus inducing your body to produce antibodies. They DON"T KNOW how long the mutating process will last or how long the antibodies will keep working. It's entirely possible that six months or a year from now vaccinated people may start having "cytokine" storms induced by the mutated cells, which usually prove fatal. People COULD start dropping like flies. They just don't know because this technology has never before been used for vaccinations. There are NO long term studies on this technology, so its a crap shoot.


It would work as well as the Salk vaccine if we cud just get the worthless politicians out of the way. As for me I won’t take the vaccine unless the worthless politicians make it mandatory. But first they’ll have find out what “mandatory” means. We’re not talking mental giants here.


I can only hope that all the Democrats are first in line for their shots of vaccine. Maybe that will clean up the gene pool enough to get a decent government back.

John W.

I had mixed feelings about this vaccine until a friend Doug who is a 50 year old deputy sheriff, and who was in good physical condition attended a law enforcement conference in Iowa. He came home and wasn't feeling well. They tested him, his wife, and college age son. All tested positive for Covid. Long story short, the wife and son had few symptoms, but Doug was hospitalized on November 1, and placed in an induced coma, had a tracheotomy, and near death several times. He was transferred to three different hospitals, the latter two specializing in Covid. He is still in the hospital, and they believe it will be another six weeks before he is released.

The 64,000 dollar question is why do most people escape with light symptoms and yet it hits others hard even if they have no underlying conditions. As for me, I'll take it.

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