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February 10, 2021


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The Oligarchs will always have their private armies and police, while legislation is being drafted at this moment to take away all "military style" firearms from the citizens. The courts have balked at intervening, so what recourse do we have? We must sweep the next election and neutralize their power. A patriotic purge of socialists and anarchists is required.


The state of our capitulated union does draw comparisons to feudal systems. Time wise we’re currently being drawn back to 17th Century England when feudalism was waning. 17th Century – one hundred years of continuous chaos within the English parliamentary system. The days of an unprincipled Parliament doing the bidding of a sovereign on the surface but undermining the sovereign at every chance. Leading Parliament was the House of Lords – Lords – not unlike our Senate. Lords – a political body of unelected oligarchs from various backgrounds including and still to this days ranking clerics of the Church of England – clerics reporting to the head of their church – the sovereign. Today we are falling prey not to oligarchs – persons with various foundations of power - but to plutocrats – persons using their financial fortunes to take and wield power.

Like Parliament in those days we are now witnessing a dubious group not unlike Lords. There was no supreme court in England at that time. Lords had final say in carrying out the law. Today we use the term “star chamber” to refer to a clandestine group secretly rendering governance and law. In England there was an actual system like that with the title “Star Chamber” which did the sovereign’s bidding.

Today people think of the ill-fated Gunpowder Plot against Parliament and one of its co-conspirators - Guy Fawkes – as the patriotic symbol of those times. Unfortunately modern people lose sight that 17th Century Parliament gave rise to Oliver Cromwell and the havoc and destruction he and his regime crippled England and much of Britain with – not just Cromwell’s war but well after that through Cromwell’s parliament.

We’re now at a place in our country where our forefathers were in their Colonies when they were bearing England’s convoluted brunt in the 17th and 18th Centuries.


I have noticed that democrat run states, like NY, Oregon, Washington, etc. are prioritizing vaccinations for groups like teachers over seniors. Since seniors are the ones who most often die from covid, this seems illogical. But for democrats it is pure logic, since more seniors are conservatives and more young people are liberals. Cuomo sending young infected people to senior nursing homes is a good example. Cold blooded politics democrat style.


When talking about the civil war let’s not forget the part played by New England oligarchs who wanted to control cotton prices and protect their monopoly on exports to England and France. For the CSA to leave the union and form their own country would have devastated their empire. Again it’s about the money.


Let’s not forget about the New England cotton oligarchs who built their empire buying cheap cotton and exporting to European countries, especially England and France. For the CSA to form their own Union could have devastated the ‘Yankee’ cotton merchants empire. Qualifier: I happen to live in a city on the Mississippi River long known as the cotton Capitol of the South. It’s all about money!


Oops. Sorry for the duplication. I think my phones a liberal democrat


What is the old saying, "He that hath the gold makes the rules." The Russians also have an expression, "The man with the money orders the music."

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