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February 14, 2021


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I don't know who Anthony Bryan is, but he should run for office. He speaks clearly and cogently what most people believe, but are afraid to say. It's not a white supremacy thing, because the Japanese, Indians, Chinese, etc. have the same opinion. The liberal democrats only cater to the blacks because they need our votes, but they never really do anything productive for us. They have enslaved black people for generations by keeping most of us dependent on the government...essentially buying our votes. You go, Anthony!


How long do you think this would last on twitter? I may tweet this just to find out. It's refreshingly spot-on.


Unfortunately this is a cut, pasted, and spiced with current events resurrection of an article that's been orbiting throughout the WWW for several years. It was first attributed to a reporter from the "Baltimore Sun" newspaper almost six years ago. That attribution was false.

However the gist was topical back then as it is today.



Now I'm beginning to wonder about this article.It's been disputed for years as a fabrication however it's best to ignore the caveats about the man behind the green curtain and snoop for oneself (not to be confused with Snopes).

Deep digging on the WWW brings up what is deemed to be the mother of the claims and counter claims regarding this article. One Anthony Bryan (who?) is said to be the author of his opinion piece dated 23 Sep 2014 at "American Renaissance":


American Renaissance? Probably in David Duke's bathroom library and a hit in Hayden Lake, Idaho.

American Renaissance is also on Southern Poverty Law Center's hit list so it can't be all bad.


I think educated, productive black parents and Christians are getting just as tired of the constant whining from people of their own race, as most whites are. The best counterattack to their complaining is the success of Asians, Hispanics and other races “of color” who came here and thrived. I don’t know the date of this article but it’s spot on. Never thot I’d see it in print tho.


Manx, thanks for digging up the original document. Good to know who Anthony Bryan is, an engineer and an entrepreneur. I could tell from the writing that it wasn't some knuckle dragging David Duke follower.


I getting so tired of this crap. It's the 1960s all over again complete with the same response by local governments. Now we have the democratically controlled federal government doing the same old thing, and I'm sure they will be surprised when nothing changes.

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