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March 03, 2021


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Now the Dems resort to disease mongering to get rid of Republicans? I thought that was nancy’s Job. I mean she has millennials, MSM, Hollywood, congress and the WH to help her. Isn’t that enough?


And here're two samples of vaccine distribution here in Berkeley North:

"Important: 65% of vaccine appointment slots are reserved for Natives"

"Important: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities that have been more impacted by the pandemic only"

These are cut and paste taken directly from a state-wide website devoted to finding vaccinations "for all". Looks like the 14th Amendment doesn't apply when it comes to jabbing vaccine provided with Fed, state and local funds.


In Cuomo's case it's just plain murder, simple as that. It may be the worst case of mass murder in U.S. history and it's still happening!


I see by tonight's news that Detroit has decided the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not as good as the Pfizer and or the Modern vaccines. The narrative is familiar, the man is trying to push off the inferior stuff to the minorities. So, the J&J is going somewhere else.


First batch of J&J vaccine arrived in Washington State this week. Initial report it would go to old folks first. Actually went to teachers first. School districts still trying to get teachers to go back to work. In the meantime grandma stays cooped up struggling to get a jab and eke out a few more "golden years".

On the bright side viable national statistics are showing Egg Foo Flu cases have taken a huge drop since Jan 20 - a miracle that ranks right up there with parting the Red Sea.....


Those "miracle" statistics are being reported by Democrats, so they have no chance of being accurate. The truth is conservative old folks continue to die disproportionately to the rest of the population and those young, liberal teachers continue to get preferential treatment.

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