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March 16, 2021


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Racist stereotyping. Are all immigrants dark and fat? Shame on you Manx, you are cancelled!


Cancelled by AOC?! How lucky can you get, Manx?


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have called out British Royalty for being racist. Are Queen Elizabeth II and her family now going to be cancelled? If not, why not?


People who are constantly looking for racism in everything that touches their lives are the biggest racists of all. Being censured because we don’t agree with far left idiocy is a form of racism itself.


File under Curious Minds Need to Know:

Got to wondering - “Where is the United Nations and their charity UNICEF during this border (fill in the blank per your views: crisis, chaos, attack on the U.S., dilemma or situation du jour) never ending show?”

Shouldn’t the UN be airlifting “crack troops” wearing baby blue helmet liners to Mexico from places like Netherlands and Haiti? Shouldn’t the UN through UNICEF be setting up field operations in Mexico to care for these wayward waifs?

Googled in a hunt for what UN/UNICEF was doing. Gave up when the requests from UNICEF for charitable donations never ended and viable information kept going missing. Oh, and the history of UN insisting what the US do within its own borders.


We pay the UN and UNICEF to handle other countries problems, not ours. When WE ask for help they want more money than what it would cost to do it ourselves. The UN knows what the costs are and price their services accordingly, to make a huge profit. Besides, it would not be in our interest to have foreign troops interacting with our border patrol, who are known to be quick on the trigger.


Talk about quick on the trigger. Go back and read again Kamala. Never said anything about foreign troops and our border patrol interacting. Clearly stated "airlifting..... to Mexico". Mexico can't - more likely won't - control things from their southern border to their northern border and their ocean and sea borders as well. But that's a separate topic for another day.

Besides my U.N. airlift was pretty much tongue and cheek given it doesn't take much to realize that outfit historically has and will undermine our nation whenever and wherever.


You are absolutely right about the UN. I had the same questions during the first onslaught of caravans. If people are oppressed and starving wouldn’t it make sense that UN troops go in, stabilize things, organize shipments of goods, even take military action to root out the bad guys, and even help reorganize gov’t policies and leadership. Isn’t that sort of what they did in Korea? Now it’s just “let America take care of it”. It’s time for us to send them packing and convert the UN bldg into another WalGreens.


Great observation Legion, thanks. Just a hunch but having worked in that cesspit south of the border and having had to schmooze with banana belt miscreants and reprobates this problem ain't going to change and get better - only worse.

It's all about thuggery to get and maintain. And the biggest thugs rise to the top. Mexico's southern border? "Crack troops" getting their bite aka "mordida" to turn a blind eye for $$$ and let those suppressed from Central America pass on their travels to the land of milk, honey and welfare.

Along the way north "churches", philanthropic and other groups providing way stations. Then the border itself. A mess from Tijuana east to Brownsville and all points south. Bedwetters watch and cry as "crack troops", tinpot politicians, national politicians and cartels keep grubbing their ill-gained $$$$$.

Someday I'll tell and post pictures of "crack" drug control troops my late wife and I witnessed post-retirement selling photos-ops to tight-butted American blondes in dental floss thongs frolicking in the original land of "what happens here stays here." That was what was once a halcyon off the beaten track beach with beer and local shrimp. Now it's a cartel trafficking station.


Hey Manx! Could you please post pictures of the tight butted American blonds with dental floss thongs. 🤪


Horny Ernie! You want to see me in a thong?


Each photo will require one dose of saltpeter before viewing......


Saltpeter has been replaced with aging.

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