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March 31, 2021


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Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans. Went on watch today expecting to be with those he loved and enjoyed at end of watch. His mortal watch ended with his murder today.

As quickly as it happened his story was all-consuming in the media. Then Officer Evans’ murderer was identified. The media dropped the story and promptly went back to things like yet another Fauci interview.

God Speed Officer Evans!


I think we all know that America, as we’ve known it for 200 yrs is gone. The future is now in the hands of bearded, tattooed, nose and earringed, brainwashed, brain dead millennials who want to replace our democracy with communism “free stuff”. I’m afraid by the time the Biden-Harris disaster is over and done, there will be nothing left to save, and no one patriotic enough left to save it.


May have imagined it but if it did happen it fell off the radar in the blink of an eye.

Something about a Navy corpsman - corpsEman as a former president would say. News indicated the corpsman shot a couple of Navy members. Then went to an Army base with weapon in hand where he was exterminated.

But it all happened so quickly and disappeared I couldn't keep track. Wonder if CNN and MSNBC accurately identified the crazy corpsman right out of the gate?

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