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March 13, 2021


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This has caused genuine fear for my country. I just can't comprehend how so many voters are so stupid as to vote for an avowed communist and anti-American traitor to our Republic. It is insane that we allow the modern day version of the Bolsheviks like Antifa and BLM to commit crimes and rebel against legitimate authority without suffering any consequences from the very government they seek to overthrow. Shame on the Democrats who purport to represent the people and defend the U.S. Constitution, they are doing neither.


I wonder if MSM has commented on Gen Higginbotham’s article, or for that matter, ever mentioned it. How did we ever allow the communists to take over every aspect of our news, entertainment and educational system. The more important question is how can it be stopped when we can’t even stop election fraud.


Pelosi's husband has multimillion dollar contracts with China. Mitch McConnell's wife's family has multimillion dollar contracts with China. Its not about ideology, its about money and power. The CCP has a bunch of great capitalists among its ranks and they're taking us to the cleaners. They have bought the Democratic Party and they're trying real hard to buy the Republicans as well. Its ALWAYS about the MONEY!


Interesting observation, Legion. Searches for Higginbotham come up very, very lean. News aside where and how this missive was reported and memorialized triggered my curious mind. There are a few references to his military career. The most recent are 2019 excerpts from congressional records pertaining to committee appearances regarding his Marine staff duties.

Digging around brings up some interesting cross references. One such is this piece - an op ed by a “Captain John” dated 28 Oct 2020. It offers verbatim what Higginbotham is credited with reporting. Interesting John attributes the comments he forwarded to a New Zealand “author, film maker and public speaker”: https://combatveteransforcongress.org/story/kamala-harris%E2%80%99-close-ties-marxists-communists-maoists-and-socialists

At this time I’ll say Higginbotham might be a plageriest. My horse sense tells me he’s not. I’ll say his photo and name were plucked from the annals of the internet as a convenience in a cut and paste hoax. General Higginbotham - a real general with a name befitting a Gilbert & Sullivan character. Who knows - maybe the Kiwi quoted by Capt. John is a plagiarist?

If this story circulates as I suspect it will soon be credited to Captain Jinks of the horse marines.

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