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April 03, 2021


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Be afraid, very afraid. This is eerily correct and I don't believe its a coincidence that Biden's agenda folds nicely into China's agenda. Remember, Biden was cut in for ten percent of what Hunter got from China, which was $1.5 BILLION. Is there anyone who can do something to stop this treason in the making?


Treason is the Democrats middle name. China has made vast investments in virtually every industrialized country in the world. They pretty much own Hollywood, the Caribbean islands, hi-Tech, a US president and family, and numerous parasitic politicians. Liberal Dems and RINOs alike. Peter, your well researched article is excellent. Wish it could go nationwide


You didn't mention that Biden has already received millions in payoffs from China and expects millions more, along with his son Hunter. There's nothing hidden, it's all in plain sight. So, why would all these people VOTE for Biden? Are they stupid, or do they not exist?


Wonder what talks are underway with the Philippines for us to "borrow" space at Subic Bay, Cubi Point and Clark AFB. Think I'll buy bars in Olongapo and Angeles City


If you want to really make money, line up a stable of ladybois to hang out at those bars and service the squids.




So true, Gunny. But as I put together my Olongapo/Angeles operating plan I’m busily recruiting old, grizzled Navy chiefs - Old China Hand types - to develop and operate my bars. The same old school chiefs who pulled the O Club at Pearl from bankruptcy and ran one of the world’s best NCO clubs at Subic while similar clubs on Okinawa served warm beer and bags of stale pretzels.

Heck - those chiefs were able to keep the slots churning at chiefs’ clubs world-wide whilst other nco clubs lost their slots and went into financial ruin thanks to the THE sgt major of the Army and his international crime syndicate.

Those chiefs know how to cater to every proclivity.


You're right, Manx. Those old Chiefs had to cater to every proclivity coming up through the ranks from seamen. That's how they got to be old Chiefs.

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