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April 10, 2021


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Lance Ito had a handicap, Johnny Cochran was his boss in the D.A.'s office. Subconsciously Ito did whatever the "boss" wanted him to do like a good civil servant is supposed to do.


I have been watching parts of the trial. Let's see if I have this right. George Floyd and his two buds were riding around dropping speedballs and counterfeit twenties. Floyd, high on a brew of street drugs, got caught trying to pass a counterfeit twenty. Police come and try to arrest Floyd. Floyd resists arrest. A peanut gallery gathers on the sidewalk, yelling advice. Chauvin is trying to make sure Floyd isn't going to further resist. Floyd dies. Floyd's family is now rich. A police officer will probably spend years in jail. That certainly seems fair. Maybe not.


I don’t think the officer will spend much time in prison. His life won’t be worth 2 cents if he isn’t placed in protective custody. Besides, the family got $27M, so what do they care if he’s convicted or not.


The family wants the conviction to validate their looting of the city's bank account in the name of "racial justice."


Say what you want. Today's use of force witness brought on by the defense was a pro. Disregard HLN and their talking head cheerleader - a former sports news guy. Disregard the powleece NYPEEDEE "training expert" on HLN News "Hollywood Squares" format claiming the defense witness was "paid" - what a laugh considering his "expertise" was paid and not to mention the prosecution witnesses have earned $$$$ a day.

All it will take is one juror with fortitude. Watch " Twelve Angry Men" if you don't believe me.

In the meantime - let Twin Cities and its suburbs burn.

Plus there was another west-side hangout I loved besides Wendy's. Pepe's at the bowling ally in Westchester. All cop meals - never free but $3.

An 1811

Yeah, $3 and they even include free spit or piss.


As a former resident of MPLS friends still there say the whole tears and moans from the family is BS. If George was such a great guy why didn’t they get help for him years ago. Before he was in/out of prison and a druggy crook. My friend says don’t be fooled; for $27m they would probably have killed him themselves.

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