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May 15, 2021


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What happened to a growing, thriving SA country is very much what will very likely happen to America once Antifa, BLM and unsuspecting Marxist millennial support destroys our government.


The massive corruption that appears to exist between politicians, big tech, media and Marxist contributors to our demise proves its already underway. Democrats & Rinos won’t stand against the ambitions of Big Tech and Big Corp because liking the “Bigs” shoes pays too well. Way too well.


Don't give up or panic. Blacks in SA outnumber the whites. Here they are only eleven percent of the population. Bleeding heart whites who grovel in pseudo-guilt are maybe another eleven percent. They will not be able to take over the government long term. The average working stiff will NEVER knuckle under to Marxist ideology.


In communist China the people who don’t knuckle under either disappear or end up in concentration camps. Either way, the CCP sails on deterred.




The last THREE subjects of this blog have all indicated that the CCP has already won and we just haven't counted ALL the votes yet. The more votes we count, the bigger they win because they now control the voting process. Time for a REAL revolution.


It's time we reverse engineer Karl Marx, and take back our schools and school boards, take back our media, and then maybe we can change out our politicians.

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