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May 03, 2021


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Ernie, the FBI has always been over rated. They would never have made those mafia busts without the NYPD, Boston PD and Philadelphia PD to hand them the cases on a silver platter. The FBI has blundered many more cases than you know. I agree that they're in the pocket of the dems, but even if they weren't they would've screwed up the cases anyway. When you play politics you lose your way and your edge.


My view is probably tarnished cases such as the Lindburg kidnapping, Ted Bundy, Bernie Madoff, JFK assassination, etc. Seems with any major crime it’s usually the FBI that’s called in to solve it


Capone’s crime world began with a small group of thugs, bootleggers, etc. They grew from that into a major crime empire right in front of Chi PD. You can make the same argument with NYC crime families.


The mafia growth and domination resembles the growth and domination of today’s radical, far left socialist Democrat Party. Organize, infiltrate local judiciary, media, gov’t and education. Eventually it could very well control the nation.


The "deep state" agent Christopher Wray is testilying today before a Congressional committee. You all should watch to learn who's really running the country.


I lived in Chicago in the 80s. They still spoke of Capone with admiration and pride. Landmarks everywhere pointing out ”Capone did such/such here”. The only thing good about Chicago when I lived there was in ‘85 the Bears won Super-Bowl and Cubs won their division.


It's so damn sad to to see the FBI's reputation swirling down the liberal drain. I'm guessing the liberal seized control of their HR department.


Seizing the HR dept. goes without saying. But the recent SNAFUs were instances of mismanagement, indicating liberal infiltrating of high placed positions indicating a long term liberal infiltration.

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