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June 15, 2021


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Democrats buy votes with the billions they get from Big Tech and other wannabe emperors. Unfortunately, too many Republican's votes are for sale. They take the path of least resistance, rather than the path of Patriots. Short sighted ignorance is the present hallmark of many Republicans, while the rest are just selfish. If we are to regain power, we must educate the public about conservative values and the true history of the United States, not the fantasy history of the 1619 project and critical race theory. We MUST FIGHT this propaganda before a hot civil war becomes necessary.


Unfortunately Big Tech wants to control elections. They have no intentions of putting the outcomes in the hands of “peasants” who’ve never even seen Harvard.


It galls me to donate to politicians who can barely walk because their pockets are so full of bribe money, campaign contributions, lobbyist payoff money and other monies from questionable sources. A Sec of State can sell 20% of our uranium sources, then pocket the money in her crooked foundation and nobody says a thing. I might support an honest candidate if I didn’t know about RINOs who take your money and then cave to democrats. We’ve got a lions share of them in the GOP

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