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July 03, 2021


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Islam is no exception and I agree with everything in your post. You inadvertently disclosed your Catholic faith. It has withstood the onslaught of of the Marxist atheists and you should be proud to claim your Catholic heritage, as I am proud to defend the true Islam. We are all Americans and I rejoice to call you my patriot brother.


I know Ernie pretty well and I know he’s not Catholic. He’s Christian Science.


One more: if Abraham Lincoln had been an atheist, would he have freed the slavery?


A thousand pardons! They are very different.


All I know is the country has been spiraling downward because religion and what it teaches is falling by the way. That in part has led to the breakup of the family unit. It's not looking good.


I think we can skip all the extra rituals, etc., and if everyone lived by the Ten Commandments.


Biblical law which defines the roles for males and females has pretty much been rewritten by the millennial generation. The left has been pushing women to avoid “motherhood”, and get out of the house and compete with men for jobs/careers that heretofore were basically seen as “mens work”. Truck drivers construction workers, firemen, police officers, politics and many more. Whether we agree with their woman vs man agenda or not, we have to admit that it’s had a major impact on what a family unit is, and on the children. And this doesn’t even attempt to analyze the impact of the LGBT agenda. As Leo said, “it isn’t looking good”.

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