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August 17, 2021


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Fired is too soft. They should all be put in front of a firing squad for their traitorous conduct


This shaming of America is part of the American Marxists' plan to degrade our nation until the majority of Americans are dependent on the government. Then the Marxists will swing the hammer and sickle out and declare America to be a communist state. Milley and his white rage, Kamala Harris joyfully woke, Biden no more than a sock puppet and the creepy Deep State looking out only for themselves. All of them are waiting for the scales to tip another degree toward communism to declare the end of private ownership. The government must control everything, how else will we attain EQUITY? Equity is everyone owning NOTHING!


There were comments on TV today about how the British paratroopers were going out into Kabul and getting their people. There were some snide remarks about the American troops not going after Americans. I want to make it clear that the troops would go in a heartbeat if the brass hats would permit it. The chaos is all on the heads of the C in C and the Pentagon brass hats, not the troops.


PS: The Taliban said they needed a list of Afghans authorized for evacuation so that their checkpoints would know who to let pass. The Biden Admin. provided the list, which is now being used by Taliban death squads to go door to door butchering Afghans who helped the U.S. What naive morons we have in charge!

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