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August 23, 2021


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This scenario is sound, but put's me in mind of "Weekend at Bernie's" from 20 or more years ago; if it wasn't so infuriating it would be funny. The Biden backers in Hollywood will be making Biden caricature movies for the next few decades, such is the depth of the black comedy he inspires.


Just heard this today: Joe Biden stops to whisper something to Jen Saki on his way to the podium, but he's not really whispering. Instead he's smelling her hair. We've known for years that smelling women's and even girl's hair is a Biden fetish. But, the clever Obama holdovers controlling Biden have begun sprinkling smelling salts in Jen's hair to keep Biden awake during his speeches. It would be really funny if it weren't true. Instead its frightening because the "football" is following him around. I'm moving away from Los Angeles because, among other things, the Chinese have named L.A. as what they'll destroy if we interfere with their retaking of Taiwan - formerly Formosa. Biden could get us into a shooting war with the Chinese and now we have NO allies to help us, thanks to his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, AKA: cluster*@#k (after all, I'm a lady, so I can't say it out loud). By the way, does anyone know how Ernie's doing?


I would say Biden is a joke, but it isn't funny. He couldn't have screwed up the Afghanistan exit anymore if he had tried. He wanted the Taliban to extend the deadline and they told him to go pound sand, so he said okay. Hundreds if not thousand of evacuees will be left behind. Can you imagine what would have happened if Trump in charge. That said, I'm in a quandary. I want Biden out, but good god can you imagine Kamala in charge.

John  W.

Sorry to report that Ernie passed away from Covid after about a week in the hospital. Godspeed Ernie.


I shoulda vaxxed cause I don't like red. It sends the wrong message, doesn't it?


Joe Biden has fycked up everything he has touched. I'm not sure Kamala would be better or worse.


At "climate change" conference today Biden babbled incoherently and lost his train of thought, or lost his thought entirely. When are the GOP going to take steps to remove him? Are they waiting for Kamala to laugh herself to death?

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