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September 09, 2021


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Finally, an explanation for how the government can still operate with the POTUS devolving before our eyes. But we don't want the Deep State running things, so what will the GOP do? If they just go along silently, they are finished. The GOP must take action to protect the country form this radical takeover.


We need to get the 82nd Airborne into DC to thoroughly clean out that rat's nest. They are so overconfident that the corruption is happening right in front of us. Seriously, it's an international embarrassment for the whole country. Hunter Biden selling junk art for Millions, while his dad pees his pants on live TV. Then he can't find the restroom without help. Now his entire Secret Service detail must carry urine bottles and Depends. It's even worse than when Bush 43 puked all over the premier of Japan.


Well, it's 9-11 and the Taliban now have a fellow traveller in the White House. Sad, but true. Even though he's old and senile, he's still in the power slot and the Taliban are celebrating his great gifts to them. I suspect there will be other attacks on the U.S. before long, with Biden leading the charge.


No wonder the Biden Admin kept Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he's been the Democrats secret agent since Trump was POTUS. That is pure evil and criminal to boot. The Army Inspector General or the FBI have a case on a silver platter from Woodward and Costa's book, unless they're also Deep State players.


If the polls mean anything Biden's ratings are dropping like a rock. That leaves us with Kamala, who will be eased into the Oval Office before his term expires. And so it continues. I'm not optimistic.


Kamala will be known as the laughing president who couldn't keep a straight face at a funeral. She will also be absent from office of often, as she loves taking her entourage on lengthy and expensive vacations in peaceful and stable parts of the world.

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