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February 09, 2022


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In the old days in CA mentally ill people were covered under section 5150 of the Penal Code. A mentally ill person encountered on the street was referred to as a 5150. The term has been long abandoned on the street, but has been repurposed to refer to anyone who is a member of the Democratic Party, and to Biden in particular.


The lawyers went too far on this one. There was a great hue and cry years ago with the lawyers and flatheads saying society was locking up people in asylums that weren't mentally ill. Now the homeless camps are awash in mentally ill people. Add to that those people who are fried on drugs, then it becomes a spiraling headache for city councils. Businesses are being affected; many small businesses are simply closing their doors for good. The big question is where does it end. I suspect we may be forced to go back to the old work farms.


The "hue and cry" was started by the lawyers, aided by the greedy media trying to sell papers and air time. "Free press" is an oxymoron.

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