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March 15, 2022


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I agree! There is no room for doubt regarding the cowardice of Biden. He should be impeached immediately. Kamala Harris should be impeached at the same time, unless she agrees to resign. Her incompetence and stupidity are the equal of Biden's cowardice. GOP, why aren't you acting to protect our country and the world?


Coward-in-Chief is the right description for Joe Biden. Moron-in-Chief is also an apt description of Biden. He's making Russia and China think the USA is leaderless and ripe for the picking. Will we be able to survive almost three more years without being nuked? Will our military stand back and let Biden continue to compromise our security? And we still can't get any decent ammo for our personal defense.

Dr. Stefanik

I have watched Biden deteriorate quickly. His cognitive abilities are severely impaired. It's no wonder the White House staff are keeping his calls to other leaders censored.

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