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April 10, 2022


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Courage is to act unafraid when the opposite is true, Leadership is to stay ahead of your enemy's actions and be an example for those you lead. Biden and Harris have no courage and set the worst possible example. Yes, they should resign immediately.


Until I become radioactive, inflation and high prices mean a lot. I'm on a fixed pension and I haven't much leeway. Biden is just killing those in my category. Whatever punishment he eventually gets, it won't be near enough!


His true color (yellow) is showing when he is asked if he will walk the streets of Kiev with Zelenskyy like Boris Johnson of the UK did. He had his "people" say they refuse to send him there. What a lily-livered Coward!


I don't see Biden taking any preemptive action. I think the old saying, "An hour late and a dollar short" applies to Biden.


With his inflation that's a day late and 68 cents short.

Mary Jane

Biden isn't crazy, he is EVIL incarnate. He is determined to inflict as much damage as possible on the United States during his time in office.

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