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May 24, 2022


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The idiot Beto O'Roarke just gave us all an example of democrat thinking at the governor's press conference in Uvalde, Texas. He disrupted the meeting with screaming about gun control and how the shooting should be blamed on Gov. Abbott. Beto had to be forceably removed fron the conference by officers. A shameful act of trying to politicize a tragedy for his own selfish purpose. Typical democrat, he's running for governor. Rational people can't understand trampling on the memory of murdered children for political motives. It's disgusting and shameful. Beto's only logical recourse now is to withdraw from the race, hang his head in shame and ask for forgiveness from the parents.

Bill O.

All the Democrats are politicizing the Uvalde massacre for their own benefit, without regard for the victims and their loved ones. It is despicable and disgusting, but it is within the Democrat's policy of "Never waste a crisis." I suppose their definition of crisis includes tragedy.


The Media soliciting the opinions of sports celebrities, such as LeBron James and Charles Barkley, about the Uvalde murders is ludicrous. If I want the opinion of someone who chases after a ball, I'll ask my dog.


Nobody seems to offer an answer to these school shootings. How about if we send Ukraine 35 billion instead of 40 billion. Take the 5 billion that's left and hire police officers for every school in the country. The Ukraines will be happy and our children will be safer.


How about if we only give 30B dollars to Ukraine and use the additional 5B dollars to hire psychologists for every school to maintain a psychological profile on every student. When they determine the student is prone to violence steps could be taken to counsel the student and have the student's social media monitored. This combined with hiring school police officers, would create hundreds of thousands of jobs at middle class wages. Yes, I'm a psychologist, but it's still a good plan.


It is the same for people as it is for countries: you prepare for trouble by arming for defense. It's not possible to prevent criminals from getting guns. They buy or steal whatever they want. The solution to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The NRA serves a very patriotic purpose, to help the citizens defend themselves from criminals or a tyrannical government. This is the basic element of a civilized society where people are free.


It looks like there will be some anti-gun bill will be passed. I'm thinking Red Flag legislation, raising the age limit to purchase a rifle on handgun, and limiting magazine capacity. All subject to legal challenges.


Biden and his team of morons now want to ban the 9mm round. Apparently, they are unaware that it's already been effectively banned by blocking delivery to stores. This is the sort of nonsense that comes from people trying to regulate a product they know absolutely nothing about.


History shows the way: Our government told the Indians to give up their guns and the government would take care of them. Now 150 years later, the government is telling US citizens to give up their guns - the same ruse that ruined the Indians. Anyone who gives up their guns willingly is a fool.


Every democrat who owns a gun, and there are many in the crime ridden inner cities, probably has a 9mm. It is the most popular caliber with police, military and citizens who live afraid. Biden does not listen and he does not care. The Pelosi dems are all on board this gun control train to nowhere. They never learn from their mistakes and they keep making the same mistakes year after year, decade after decade. I cannot understand why anyone would vote for them.

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