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May 13, 2022


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The government must share the blame for the downfall of our system of education. The U.S. Department of Education should be the first thing abolished. It serves no useful purpose, but has enabled many detrimental things to happen to our children through its policies and mandates.


Marxism has been around for a hundred years or more. Those anti-Vietnam war protesters were college kids who got brainwashed by Marxist and anarchist professors. What's different today is that those college kids have matured into Marxist teachers and professors and they have taken their Marxist ideology into our elementary and high schools. That's what Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project are all about. Wake up America, they're brainwashing our children!


The economy is broken. The education system is broken. Law enforcement and the rule of law are broken. The southern border is broken. It was all done on purpose by our dithering and doddering fool of a POTUS and his radical left wing Marxist staff.
Why? Because insecure people can be more easily manipulated if they are more dependent on the government. There is no faster or more effective way to make people feel insecure than to undermine their financial stability and withhold essential services, such as electricity and food supplies. People will suffer as inflation grows and gas prices skyrocket. Biden and his Marxists don't care, as long as they can continue with mandates and manipulation to become more powerful.

Miss Tierny

The young and the new teachers are, for the most part, idealistic and very ignorant for educated people. But those who have been teaching for five or more years, and interacting with the teacher's union, have become cynical. They haven't a care for the students in general, just their own wants and needs. It's the TU that breaks them down by their integrity and pits them against the needs of the students. The TU, indeed, is the culprit in the schools. Of course, the school boards do their fair share of malevolence.


If the teacher's union wants to do some good, they should demand that teachers be armed and qualify on the firing range every three months. That way they could at least protect their students from head cases.

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