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May 01, 2022


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Electric Vehicle Charging

In order to match the 2,000 cars that a typical filling station can service in a busy 12 hours, an EV charging station would require 600, 50-watt chargers at an estimated cost of $24 million and a supply of 30 megawatts of power from the grid. That is enough to power 20,000 homes. No one likely thinks about the fact that it can take 30 minutes to 8 hours to recharge a vehicle between empty or just topping off. What are the drivers doing during that time?

If you’ve got cars coming into a gas station, they would stay for an average of five minutes. If you’ve got cars coming into an electric charging station, they would stay at least 30 minutes, possibly an hour, but let’s say its 30 minutes. So that’s six times the surface area to park the cars while they’re being charged. So, multiply every petrol station in a city by six. Where are you going to find the place to put them?

The average used EV will need a new battery before an owner can sell it, pricing them well above used internal combustion cars. The average age of an American car on the road is 12 years. A 12-year-old EV will be on its third battery. Good luck trying to sell your used green fairy tale electric car!

(The price of a new battery pack for a Tesla Model 3 is $21,000 and that's the "cheap" Tesla)


It is amazing to me that so many people don't know that this whole climate change/green thing is a fraud. Anyone with a lick of sense knows that the climate can't be changed or stemmed by anything people can do. If people got a good education growing up, such ignorance wouldn't occur. But the democrat controlled schools don't educate kids well because ignorant people are easier to manipulate and control. Americans today, on average, are at the bottom of the education scale. Even college educated people often don't know the basics of science. What a shameful situation for the most prosperous country in the world! The fact that it's on purpose should alarm every American to the democrat's agenda, which is Marxism.


Changing climate? So what, it's been changing for millions of years. Up and down, tropical to Ice Age and everywhere in between. Since Mankind has only been here for a fraction of the time, it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that we have nothing to do with climate change. If you do think we are responsible, you are suffering from cognitive dissonance - the mind crippling effects of being "educated" in democrat run schools and liberal universities.


I used to believe AOC was a good woman, idealistic, courageous and honest. Now you've ruined that for me. There are no more in the democratic party who are idealistic or honest. I am being forced to support GOP candidates instead. My grandfather would be so ashamed. He has been voting democrat exclusively for the past ten years, ever since he passed away.


I don't see this electric thing going very far unless they bring down the price of electric vehicles. The other is solving the problem go generating plants. Unless they make some dramatic improvement in solar, I think it has to go nuclear.

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