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June 10, 2022


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The USA has two kinds of people that both include every political persuasion, every ethnicity and all races. They are the people who create, build, teach, enforce laws and govern; and the people who don't work, who are letting the government take care of them.

The first group are entrepreneurial and capitalist. They want a small government that will stay out of their way and let them produce. They are capitalists.The second group wants big government that will tax the producers heavily so they can stay at home and live on government handouts. They are socialists.

Republicans cater to the first group. The democrats cater to the second group. Our country is divided along these lines. Unfortunately, the layabouts seem to be gaining in numbers over the producers. That is the USA is thirty TRILLION dollars in debt. If EVERYONE got off their couch and went to work, ANY work, we could be debt free in five years instead of the current projection of a hundred and fifty years.


The democrats have shown us how stupid they are by choosing Biden and Harris as their leaders. The American people are ashamed of them; incessant gaffes, contradicting themselves and their own administration. The fuzzy brained staffers and cabinet continue to make excuses for them and defend them when everyone knows they're wrong. Frustrating, shameful, ridiculous behavior from both Biden and Harris. What a nightmare!


I doubt that very many students today know anything about Churchill, or even WWII for that matter. The self absorbed youngsters I see every day have their nose buried in their cell phone constantly. They think that online "friends" are real friends, but they can't carry a conversation except through a computer or phone. The Chinese know how to run an education system and that may be the deciding factor for our place in the world.


Feder hits the nail on the head. He identifies so many clues to our eventual demise as a great country. How do we turn this damn thing around when the new generation of narcissists is woefully ignorant on how to keep us great. Sad.

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