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June 02, 2022


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When the Congress turns over next year, the first item of business should be the impeachment of both Biden and Harris. The grounds are obvious:
1. Mental impairment , as evident in their inability to speak accurately and frequent incoherence.
2. Malfeasance in Office, as evident by their open border and crime policies.
3. Corruption, as evident by the many international payoffs going through Hunter Biden to Joe Biden.
4. Obstruction of Justice, as evident in Biden's direction to the DOJ to ignore the security threats at the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices.
If the GOP doesn't take action, they will have initiated a mass withdrawal from the Republican Party and the forming of a new conservative party.


You forgot to mention that a huge portion of those billions will go to illegal aliens. No, I'm not racist, just stating a fact.


The Dems are scared witless that their African American base will leave them, which in fact is happening. Biden has busted his butt trying to hold onto that constituency. This bill will benefit primarily minorities. When he forgave billions in student loans of a college that was heavily weighted with minorities, it was no accident. Biden reminds me of a dog responding to a dog whistle. If there is an African American in the news, Biden is there.


So Biden's people called to arrange a trip for him to Saudi Arabia to lobby for more oil. The Saudis said Biden was not welcome there. So, now Biden is just saying that he changed his mind about lobbying the Saudis. Of course, he doesn't say WHY he changed his mind.

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