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July 02, 2022


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That's right, the Republicans currently in office have failed miserably in their duty to oppose the Biden agenda. Why has there not been an impeachment investigation? Why have the GOP not informed the public about the effects of the "green" agenda? Why have the GOP been so secretive about what's being done; is it because nothing is being done? Just asking...


All the GOP reps and senators are not as docile os some of the elders, like McConnell. But a good many of them need to be thrown out. For me, anyone who doesn't get Trump's endorsement should be thrown out and good riddance. I, too, remember the era of patriotism. I long for it to be restored.Gos willing, it will be in 2024.


The GOP are still not engaged. McConnell is too slow by half compared to Trump. A lot of the GOP don't like Trump, but he's the best man for the job in either party. It's time to start getting together for 2024 and get the WH back into conservative hands, along with the House and the Senate.


Biden gives a fist bump to MBS for all the world to see. He has no shame or honor. Biden is truly an embarrassment to America.


I see our embarresser in chief just outdid himself with his visit to Saudi Arabia. What did the hell did he think the Saudis would say after publicly insulting them then asking them to pump more oil.

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