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July 29, 2022


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Talk about a cipher. Pete couldn't run a whore house on an island occupied by an army brigade, and now the guy is making noises like he wants to be President.


Pete Buttidieg for president? What IS this country coming to?


The EV batteries, big clunky things, have to be rreplaced every two years. What happens to all those dead batteries full of toxic waste? And most batteries are made in China.
HOKUM is an accurate description of their "green agenda."


When Buttigieg started taking female hormones so he could breastfeed his adopted baby, I knew he was a phony. If he'd impersonate a mother, he'd pretend to be anything, even the POTUS. I've never seen a more committed politician. That is to say committed to becoming as powerful as possible. He needs to be stopped in his tracks.


What happens if any number of countries that aren't friendly decides to hit us with one of those e-blasts or whatever they call them. Everything electrical is fried. Good old L.A. passed a law where all new construction must have electric stoves, and no gas is permitted.

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