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July 25, 2022


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The democrats have proved themselves to be incompetent in the areas of economics, national security, immigration control, infrastructure, transportation, crime and health. But, will the Republicans put forth a plan of action to cover all these areas? If they don't, then the dems will win again.


A key point is the animosity of many independents toward Trump. The GOP would do better in the 2024 elections with someone else leading the ticket, like Pence or DeSantis. The independents are going to decide the election and they generally go for a moderate candidate. Biden was pretending to be a moderate in 2020 and he fooled the independents. They won't be so easy to fool in 2024.


The question is not who should run in 2024. The question is will the United States of America still be here. If red states and blue states clash, it will be similar to the political climate of 1861. It's not inconceivable that we could be in another civil war. The only thing that would keep out the Chinese army is tens of millions of Americans owning guns and willing to fight.

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