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August 15, 2022


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The Socialist

You may have certain freedoms presently, but things are changing. We have your schools and we're turning out millions of future voters each year who have been indoctrinated with socialist ideals. We have a presence in Congress that will continue to batter the Constitution and diminish personal freedoms, such as the second amendment. We have a firm grasp on the government through the federal employees unions and their associations with the democratic party. We have a firm grip on the democratic party as well. The failure of capitalism is imminent. Those who do not conform will be cancelled.


Is it too late to stop the undoing of America? By 2024 there may be enough young, ignorant (public school educated) voters and illegal aliens voting to elect a democrat Donald Duck as POTUS. We won't have a North vs South civil war, it will be a well-armed conservative base vs an unarmed socialist base and a nuclear-armed government. I'll bet my pension on it.


I like getting free things, but when they come from the government you better fact check their reason for giving it to you. 99% of the time, they're trying to manipulate you into rationalizing government policy or practice. In other words, cognitive dissonance. They don't want you to think clearly. It doesn't matter whether Republicans or Democrats are in charge, the government is still under the control of the bureaucrat "Deep State" of socialist wannabes. To them a bigger government just means more of them, like the 87,000 IRS agents written into the ridiculously named "Inflation Reduction Act" that Biden is signing today. God help us!


I am a Patriot. I say that knowing the dems and socialists will label me a conservative terrorist. Patriotism is extreme radicalism to them; anti-globalism and a climate change denier. What lunatics they are to think such fuzzy-brained thoughts. America will stay divided until the next Civil War.


What we're missing and we need is a strong leader to come forth. I think the conservatives, independents, and even some Democrats long for another Ronald Reagan. I don't see that person yet.

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