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August 21, 2022


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Republicans are so over-confident and complacent they won't get out of the house to vote, so the Democrats will retain control of Congress until the country collapses into chaos.

Mr. Spock

Its only logical: If you don't cast a ballot, you can't expect to win.


More interesting, but predictable things come out. All the FBI agents were Democrat donors and several of them were involved in the "Russia" fiasco. Biden knew of and approved the raid on Mar-a-Lago. The FBI left incomplete receipts; could they later add things that weren't there? Not your typical FBI procedures.


Don't be comfy, GOP. Your expected "Red Wave" may turn out to be pink.

GOP Answerwoman

Only if we were "inclusive", Gunny.


Si, we will maintain our control of Congress. With the open border, we will have the numbers to turn the "red Wave" into a Blue Tsunami. All the new "citizens" will get their driver's license and then register to vote. Thanks to Biden and Abbott for spreading us around the country so that we can take advantage of liberal voter registration practices and vote by mail schemes. Hoards of us are going to Oregon, where voting by mail is the only method used and they have liberal driver's license policies. Manana.


Closing the border should be our number one priority. What with 100,000+ fentenyl deaths - which is more than Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan combined - there is nothing more important. All these deaths are among primarily military age Americans. It is so shameful for Biden not to be held accountable for allowing these deaths to occur and avoiding any mention of them or even any recognition of the situation. Biden should be impeached and held criminally liable.

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