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September 04, 2022


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The lithium in batteries reacts explosively with water. So, if you accidentally get your EV into a body of water it may become a "depth charge" and blow you to smithereens before you can be rescued.


I've been told that all these EVs in California could take down the grid for the eleven western states if they all plugged in at once; say after coming home from work. Besides, how can only 3% of the Earth surface (U.S.) possibly have any effect on the climate? And the U.S. only produces a fraction of the carbon of China, or India. This whole climate issue is a scam: The climate can't be changed by giving more money to the government, but it can be changed in the propaganda put out by the government.


Newsom is insane, just like the rest of the hard left ideologues. But he's a clever maniac and an accomplished liar. Just what those sheep in California like to have in bed with them, telling them how pretty they are and how much he likes doing it to them.


I recently received an email bearing numerous photographs of old train wrecks from the 19th and early 20th centuries. More than anything else I've seen, they put me in mind of the Biden Administration.


Newsom's idiotic plan for mandatory EVs is hilarious in the face of mandatory blackouts and brownouts being imposed upon Californians at this very moment. EVs require way too many natural resources, much of it imported, to sustain affordability in the long run. EVs will die a natural death in a decade or so. Hopefully, Newsom's campaign will also die a natural death, only much sooner.

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