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September 18, 2022


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I've heard that one medium-sized active volcano puts more carbon into the atmosphere than 50,000 jumbo jets flying around the Earth. There are thousands of active volcanoes above ground and under the oceans. The U.S. is only 3% of the Earth's surface. Do the math you left-wing morons.


I hate hypocrites like Kerry and Biden. Kerry is not stupid, he's very smart. So, he knows that what he's selling is nothing but the illusionist's fantasy, with no scientific basis. He lies about there being a scientific basis, but there isn't. It's the same as when Kamala Harris says the border is secure. Everyone knows it's a lie, but she says it anyway, hoping to persuade those people too stupid to know any better. Kerry says we can make a difference in the climate by reducing carbon emissions - ridiculous!

Jack Right

When Biden was giving his speech at the UN the camera turned to the U.S. table and there sat John Kerry. Biden made it clear that climate change is a top priority of his administration and Kerry was all smiles. This socialist woke malarkey is hurting our country and costing hardworking Americans dearly. Biden is a living nightmare!


I have a feeling we are going to be seeing Teslas at firesale prices once people figure out waiting for a charge every 300 miles is no fun.


Albert Gore, aka An Inconvenient Truth, is right up there with Kerry.

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