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September 01, 2022


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I watched this clown give his speech. The whole setup was bizarre with the red lights and the Marines in shadow, something that looked like it was staged in Gestapo headquarters. I pretty much know how most conservatives reacted, and of course it was red meat for the liberals. I'm wondering how this plays with the independents.


Biden has shot his d**k off! Nobody with a lick of sense will credit him with sanity. I think he wants a civil war to make his mark in history, like (in his mind) Lincoln. I can see no other explanation for this idiocy.

GOP Answerwoman

Biden has thrown down the gauntlet, but I believe we should ignore it and let him play out his game. We should do nothing except get out the vote, unless they actually come for our guns.

NRA Member

Now we know why Biden and the dems wanted those 84,000 armed IRS agents. That's transparency!

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