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September 16, 2022


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I'm afraid for our country. I'm afraid the GOP won't fight hard enough to overcome the Deep State and their dirty tricks. I'm afraid for the future of our children, being crushed under socialist curricula in public schools. I'm afraid if we lose in 2024 America as we know it, is over.


Trump created a booming economy with energy independence. We were actually EXPORTING oil and natural gas. Biden tore everything down and destroyed our energy industries. Now Biden is going, hat in hand, to such enemies as Iran and Venezuela asking for oil. He is despicable and so are his supporters.

GOP Voter

You trumpeting Trumpers are a menace. The Republican party was much better off before Trump. The best thing we could do is pick another candidate for 2024, like DeSantis. That would unite the party again and remove a lot of the animosity of the left.

Estil Patton

I'm convinced that the radical left has infiltrated the ranks of teachers and college professors to the point where it's a given that millions of young voters have been brainwashed with socialist and racial propaganda. It's an uphill battle for any conservative, but particularly Trump, because he is seen as the poster boy for conservatism. The radical left, personified by the Deep State, will continue to grind Trump down with political and malicious criminal and civil prosecutions as long as he continues to be a conservative leader, simply because they can get away with it and are supported by the mainstream media. A new conservative leader, like DeSantis, will suffer the same consequences for the same political reasons. The morally bankrupt and unethical socialists are very pragmatic in their politics and completely ruthless with their means.

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