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November 13, 2022


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It's been a week and we're still waiting for election results in several states. Is it because the democrats are still stuffing ballots into the system? Seriously, with the economy, inflation, energy crunch and millions of illegal aliens crossing our open border, you'd have thought that the GOP could hold a majority in both houses by now. Is the explanation for our failure ballot stuffing? Or is it the GOP leadership failing? Are people so sick of Trump that they're sending a message to the party? Any or all of the above are possible.


Almost two weeks now and Arizona is still counting. I guess they haven't yet been able to slip in enough democrat ballots to swing the elections. What a disgrace!


I find it interesting that for years it was well known that certain cities and states had massive voter fraud, Chicago being one. Suddenly it's like the media has amnesia. Voter fraud? Unheard of! We have always had pristine elections. Very convenient.


Chicago, Philadelphia, New York; all places where conservative families vote Republican all their lives until they die, after which they vote democrat. Not kidding!

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