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December 01, 2022


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Biden is the Green Pope, surrounded by Green Priests, with a Cabinet of Green Cardinals. Yes, it is a religion, supported only by faith, not facts, and you must be a believer (or Mad Scientist) to get a government grant. It is a gigantic fraud on the people. To get to the bottom of it, like any fraud, just follow the money. The money trail ultimately leads to John Kerry and Al Gore.


It's more than a cult, it's a criminal conspiracy. Biden's green agenda is robbing Americans at the gas pump and at stores of every kind. Cutting off access to our own energy is the most heinous crime of this century and Biden should be impeached immediately after the new Congress is sworn in.

John W.

Several years ago my wife and I went on a cruise to Alaska. Included in the trip was a visit to several glaciers. The cruise line provided a naturalist who provided running commentary and to point out significant landmarks. He was discussing on glacier in particular, and said IT HAD BEEN RECEDING SINCE 1900! It stretches one's imagination to blame global warming on humans in 1900. It must have been those camp fires.

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