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January 28, 2023


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Just on my way to church, so I can't write a long comment. Being black I can only say thank God that all the officers who murdered Tyre were black. Otherwise, there would be blood in the streets and every moron who talks about "institutional racism" would seem validated. As for the LGBT, you are absolutely correct, sex - of ANY kind - should stay in the bedroom and stay private. I don't bore people about my heterosexuality, so why should I be bored with their homosexuality?


I don't pretend to validate anyone's sexual prefences whether gay or straight. Most straight people who wear "pride" t-shirts are simply cowards who are afraid of being labeled a bigot. The deep state flying "pride" flags from embassies and other government buildings is being manipulated by gay activists appointed to high offices. I will proudly wear my bigot t-shirt that immediately cuts off all the "in your face" BS.


The YMCA has converted to family friendly, "all gender" restrooms. How frightening is that? Another example of a big organization bowing to the woke agenda.

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