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May 25, 2023


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The Greeks, the Romans, the Mongolian Empire, British Colonial Empire, the Persian Empire, The Napoleonic French Empire, the Han Dynasty, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire and the Spanish Colonial Empire all faded to weakness and corruption within two-hundred and forty years. It is happening all around us - weakness and corruption near the time limit of all the other great nations.


America is becoming a socialist Banana Republic. False allegations against Republicans are fiercely prosecuted by the democrat controlled DOJ, while large-scale corruption and conspiracy by democrats are ignored by the DOJ and FBI. The outrage of the general public is ignored by the White House, while Biden and his staffers lie constantly. The Deep State of civil servants are only concerned with themselves, at the expense of the taxpayers. We may very well be at the climax of the American Dream; and it is turning into the American Nightmare!

Mao Zedong

The next thing to come, the schools will start mandatory classes in Chinese literacy. The idiot liberals in the U.S. will pray for white supremacy, once they are under Chinese supremacy.

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