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August 22, 2023


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Citizens, whether sworn or not, should raise the alarm and protest what is happening in D.C. and around the country. Too much violence on the streets. Too many criminals in positions of power, including the White House. Decent, law-abiding citizens should obtain a concealed carry permit and get the training needed to take action when confronted or threatened by criminals, or to protect others from imminent danger. Its a sad state of affairs, but we must do what we can to safeguard ourselves and our families, friends and neighbors.


I think the thrust of this post is directed to the many FBI and Secret Service agents who may be afraid of damaging their careers if they step forward and tell what they know; at least from the standpoint of crime involving the Bidens and White House staffers.
As to crime in the streets, that is happening primarily in blue states, where the majority of citizens are anti-gun. I think we'll just have to let them stew in their own juices, made of their own voting preferences. The majority of voters in places like California and New York are obviously insane or they would have voted these idiots like Newsom and Hochul out long ago.

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