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October 21, 2023


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Great history lesson. The Jews have occupied Israel for over 5,000 years as "the chosen people" of God. It is not for men to remove them. Leave them be and you have nothing to fear from them. Christians stand beside them. Attack them and you risk the wrath of God. Ask the Canaanites, or the Philistines, or the Babylonians, or the Assyrians, or the Hittites, or more recently the Germans.


There is a common denominator between the Marxist left, the climate change fanatics, the elite university students and professors, the corporate wokesters and certain Democrat politicians who all support Hamas over Israel: they all suffer from the same mental disability. Its called cognitive dissonance, or in lay terms, fuzzy thinking. In most cases it is accompanied by appalling ignorance, particularly of history. History repeats itself to the detriment of those who ignore it, or who fail to learn about it. Antisemitism, like climate change, has existed for thousands of years and neither is a friend of humanity.


I'm happy to see that some people other than Jews understand our viewpoint. Israel belongs to the Jews historically, socially, ethnically, legally, religiously and by possession.


World history used to be taught in public schools, so older generations understand. But in the more recent generations only those educated in parochial schools understand. That's a real good reason for parents to send their children to a Catholic school, church or synagogue sponsored school.

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