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A Presidency in Limbo


The Hur report concludes that Joe Biden is cognitively impaired. He didn’t know when he was VPOTUS; nor when his son Beau died. He couldn’t say when was a private citizen, or how top-secret documents ended up in his garage, next to his vintage Corvette.


The report concluded that Biden was too elderly and cognitively impaired to prosecute successfully, because the jurors would sympathize with his disabilities and be reluctant to convict. The DOJ privately suggested to the Cabinet that they should hold a meeting to consider the 25thAmendment, which authorizes the Cabinet to remove the POTUS for cause.


The Cabinet held a closed meeting to consider removing Biden from office. Secretary Mayorkas pointed out that the next in line, VP Kamala Harris also had cognitive impairment and keeping Biden would be preferable to her; and the third in line, House Speaker Johnson, is a Republican.


It was decided to let Biden stay in office, as the lesser of three evils.




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