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Was the Election Count Accurate?


"Peter" as some thoughts about the election.

It isn’t the voters that count; it’s the civil servants who count the votes.

Were the democrats just smart enough to find the polling place to cast their vote, while many Republicans were just lazy enough to not bother with voting? Maybe, but the democrats have been seducing the unions for a hundred years. The Deep State is made up of civil service union members. It’s not hard to figure out how they keep getting these “too close to call” elections tipping in their favor so often. Look at how often large blocks of votes are “found” at the last minute and every one of them a vote for the democrats. What are the odds of that happening, time after time?

It’s a difficult situation because the democrats promise the unions increased pay and benefits, passing the cost on to the tax payers. All the Republicans promise is austerity, lower taxes (which benefits everyone) and increased law enforcement resulting in lower crime rates.

Since lower taxes benefits everyone and increased law enforcement benefits everyone except criminals, shouldn’t that be the message of the GOP? Shouldn’t we be shouting that from the rooftops?

This is not rocket science. The Deep State is real; it’s controlling our elections and eroding our Constitution.


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