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The Climate Change Scam


When Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortez says there is a scientific consensus that the climate is changing, she is correct.


But then she conflates that premise with her assertion that mankind can somehow slow down or stop the climate change by reducing carbon "footprints" making it seem that there is a scientific consensus for that as well. There is no such consensus. Mankind cannot control or stem climate change or weather. That power lies exclusively with Mother Nature.


Ocrazio-Cortez's conflation creates a false premise to seduce uninformed and naive people into her "Green New Deal" program of waging war against our energy production. That adversely affects our economy and creates an unfair economic burden on the middle class and even more so on the underclass.


Biden and the radical left's war on fossil fuels has resulted in skyrocketing gas prices. Because most consumable goods are trucked, the increased fuel costs have caused almost everything we buy to increase in price. That is a root cause of inflation, which is currently stagnating our economy and driving thousands of small businesses into bankruptcy. The cost of fuel is also causing the price of electricity to skyrocket. So having an electric car won't save you from higher costs per mile.


The "Green New Deal" is a fraud that is costing the people of America trillions of dollars. But even worse, it is costing America it's place as the world's leader in energy production. Russia's war on Ukraine isn't about land, it's about energy. Russia wants Ukraine's ports, oil and gas pipelines. When America was leading the world in energy production under Trump, Putin kept pretty quiet. Putin celebrated the "Green New Deal" by immediately massing troops and weapons on Ukraine's border. When Putin saw how weak Biden was and how he was being manipulated by radical left wing operatives, he ordered his troops to invade Ukraine.


America, by the actions and inactions of our current POTUS, is complicit in the carnage occurring in Ukraine. We are ashamed to have made such a weak, doddering fool our President, backed up by a weak, doddering fool of a VP.


God help us to get through the next couple of years without the total collapse of our economy, or the start of WWIII.




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