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"Peter" has some thoughts about electric vehicles.

There is a wave of electric vehicles (EV) building in the U.S. and around the world, which will end in a catastrophe. This wave is being generated by left wing “greenies” who belong to the cult religion of “human” caused Climate Change.


It is incomprehensible to me how highly educated executives in vehicle manufacturing companies around the world have bought into the propaganda that has been infiltrating educational institutions and the media for decades, generated by eco-terrorists and hypocrites like Al Gore and John Kerry through their think tanks and foundations.


The catastrophe awaiting us is the point where our established grids will no longer be able to charge the millions of EVs that people will become dependent upon. Here in the U.S., we have brown outs and black outs every mid-summer and mid-winter because our grids can’t handle the extra pressure of air conditioners or electric furnaces. How can they possibly handle the millions of EVs plugging in each evening to recharge?


Another important aspect of this push to convert to EVs is their batteries. Replacing the batteries in an EV averages $15,000 and they need replacing an average of every two years. Also, what is to be done with the failed batteries? They can’t be just thrown into the trash because they are hazardous waste. Millions of used batteries present a huge problem for federal, state and local governments, which are famously incompetent in handling waste of any kind.


Our grids are superior to most other countries’ grids, so what will they do when it all falls down around their heads? Such a world-wide catastrophe could cause famine and war as supply lines fail and store shelves become empty. When people begin to panic, they will rob their neighbors to feed their families. Countries will invade their neighbors to pillage and kill for food and other necessities for their population. Human suffering will be the price of our stupidity.


Climate Change will not be on their minds. Survival instincts will over-ride all other considerations. As the catastrophe unfolds, it will become obvious that reverting back to fossil fuels is the way to recovery. The climate change cult will be thrown on to the trash heap of history.


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